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Startech Middle East WLL is the authorized reseller of ZKTeco products in Qatar and provides all the genuine ZKTeco Security Systems such as NVR, DVR, Locks, IP Cameras, AHD Cameras and other Security Products. All the other ZKTeco products such as biometric access controls, POS, and other devices are also available.


ZKTeco products can cater to all kinds of security requirements such as biometric-based access control and time attendance; RFID readers, POS with biometric security, Digital Signage for various purposes and controlled mobility. ZKTeco Biometrics are undoubtedly the best and the most efficient.


The GPS Tracking System is easy to use, monitor and operate. Combined with mobiles, vehicles or other devices such as cargo carriers, it can unarguably deliver an unsurpassable performance. Other features of the GPS Tracking include door sensors, temperature information, seat sensors and other such sensors that can be integrated with it.


A wide range of smart and efficient products to make your lives, your homes, offices, and all the other spaces more secure and well-monitored are available here. Installed with the cutting-edge technology and aimed to work faster and better in a fool-proof manner – the ZKTeco Security Solutions and Biometrics can be installed as a standalone unit or combined with the other third-party devices as well.