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Startech Middle East WLL is the authorized reseller and official partner of Netgear in Qatar. As a company specialized in IT, Network Support and Installing wired and wireless computer networks across Qatar, our partnership with Netgear offers us the opportunity to offer a wide catalogue of Netgear’s networking devices.


Netgear is an American networking appliance manufacturer whose wifi routers and modems have been sold across the world. Netgear networking equipment includes WiFi Routers and Modems for home use and Network Switches for businesses.


Our specialist will have a physical visit to the premise and identify suitable locations to place the active components such as switches and routers and passive components like structured cabling components. An accurate survey helps to develop good design and helps easier deployment of the network equipment. The specialized tools and knowledge help us to give you a good site report and implementation plan.


We prepare a solution document, list of active and passive components, detailed network diagram and implementation plan. The data from the site survey is the basis of design. We use all modern tools to design the network. Our network experts will install the components and do the hardware and software configuration. We do testing and analysis. We document the entire configuration details for future reference.


We deploy centralized management features so that you can manage your entire network. We give assistance and basic training to your people to manage the network. Our specialist configures the software and systems to explore the manageability to its fullest capacity. To get the best Netgear products in Qatar for your business, request for a quote from the link below.